Chinese Company
and Securities Law
  --Showcasing the law and practice
     surrounding Company and
     Securities in China  
  Publish date: June 2008
  Author: Chengwei Liu
  Product type: Bound book
  ISBN: 978-904-1126-19-1
  Page: 454 pages
  Price: RMB2,127(VAT incl.)  

This publication is written by a practicing lawyer experienced in foreign investment law at


one of the biggest law firms in China - provides thorough and up-to-date guidance on the


rules and procedures affecting investments, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and


listings in China today. Focusing on such practical matters as applications, regulatory


requirements, and transactional procedures and structures, the author leads the


practitioner through the maze of interconnected national and local authorities, with lucid


explanation of the lines drawn as to total investment amount, sector or category of


business, industrial compliance, geographic location, and various imposed restrictions,


with expert knowledge of when and under what circumstances various rules apply and


when they do not as well as practical skills on how to structure a particular deal under


current regulations.

  For law firms advising companies on investing in China, or for in-house counsel, this  
  book is without peer as a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use resource. At every  
  stage of a project, from the initial business decision to problems arising after successful  
  start-up and during day-today operations, it will provide clear, authoritative guidance for  
  years to come.  
  Provides a comprehensive guide on the best of Chinese Company and Securities Law.  
  Provides an insight into major trends and developments that affect the Chinese  
     Company and Securities law and practice.
  Written for HR practitioners by HR practitioners.
  Practical guide with examples and graphics to give a clearer reference.  
  Topics vary according to the specific needs of the country. In general the topics include:  
  1. Introduction: Regulatory Framework of Foreign Investment.
  12. Merger Controls under Competition Law.
  Part I. Investment Vehicles.
  Part III. Merger & Acquisition: Listed Companies.  
  Introduction I: Investment Vehicles under the New   Introduction III: Takeover under the New Takeover  
  Company Law (2005).
  Code (2006).
  2. Common Vehicles of Foreign Investment.
  13. Takeover of Listed Companies in General.
  3. Foreign Invested Holding Company (FIHC).
  14. Strategic Investment in Listed Companies.
  4. Foreign Invested Company Limited by Shares (FICLS).
  15. Investment via Qualified Foreign Institutional  
  5. Foreign Invested Limited Liability Partnership (FILLP).
        Investors (QFIIs).
  Part II. Merger and Acquisition: Non-Listed Companies.
  16. Transfer of State-Owned Shares in a Listed Company.  
  Introduction II: M&As under the New M&A Rules (2006).
  17. Disclosure in the Takeover.
  6. Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises in General.
  18. Substantial Assets Restructuring (SAR) of a Listed  
  7. Acquisition of Particular Structure: Acquisition via SPV,
     Share Swap.
  Part IV. Securities Offering.
  8. Acquisition of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).
  Introduction IV: Securities Offering under the New  
  9. Equity Transfer and Pledge in Existing FIEs.
  Securities Law (2005).
  10. Acquisition (Domestic Re-Investment) by Existing FIEs.
  19. Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Listing.
  11. Merger between FIEs or with an FIE.   20. Follow-on Shares Offering by a Listed Company.
      21. Corporate Bonds Available to a Listed Company.
      22. Corporate Governance and Internal Controls of  
            Listed Companies.  
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