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The evolution of research platform from CCH

An easy-to-use professional research platform that automatically searches your entire CCH library and gives you unprecedented access to the industry’s best content.

IntelliConnect™ is the functional and technological evolution to our existing research platform.

Scour your entire CCH library of world-class tax, accounting, legal and OHS/HR/IR information in just a few seconds with IntelliConnect. Never again will you have to wonder if you’re looking in the right place; IntelliConnect searches it all and delivers results in filtered, organised lists.

Specifically designed for the way you work, IntelliConnect features an intuitive interface that takes less than a minute to learn. Simply open it up and start searching. You’ll be amazed how much time you can save with features like search within a search, option filtering, multiple search tabs and split-screen view. By the end of your first day with IntelliConnect, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 


Dive deeper into your content
Not only does IntelliConnect allow you to rapidly search across your entire library of content, it can reveal additional content you didn’t even know you had access to.

Get more from your existing resources
IntelliConnect reduces the time it takes to conduct research and improves the accuracy and speed of content utlilisation. In your constant quest to achieve more with less, IntelliConnect provides an edge that can turn unprofitable days into profitable ones. Not only can IntelliConnect help you attract and retain top talent, its easy-to-learn functionality means new employees can hit the ground running.

Build a bridge to the future
In the future, IntelliConnect’s search engine-like functionality will seamlessly integrate with other core CCH products and provide a welcome environment for the next generation of tech-savvy employees.

IntelliConnect™ - transforming the way you do research.


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